A Little About Us

My name is Dayna, I’m an interior designer specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom design. When I was just a little girl, before I can even remember, my father started a business, Creative Kitchen and Bath. It was small. He had a small office in our basement in the home I grew up in and I can remember him working through the night sometimes fabricating cabinets or, at that time, the popular laminate countertops, in our garage. I have memories of going to work with him on snow days from school and watching him tile showers and backsplashes. Sometimes I’d even help him! My favorite way to help was to put the wood putty in the nail holes! I always remember that! I thought I was such a good helper.

I never knew, but all those years helped shape me into who I am now. I now have a degree in interior design and work side-by-side with my father at Creative Kitchen and Bath. We are family owned and operated. My mother also works as a designer and front office manager. We make quite a team!

Creative Kitchen and Bath has come a long way since those first years. We have relocated from Connecticut to eastern North Carolina, about 10 years ago and have a full working showroom. We offer all types of services, from complete design and remodel to strictly design services. We can be as active in your project as you need us to be. We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy all customer needs. We cater to ALL budgets and ALL styles! All you have to do is tell us a little about your project, your needs, wants and expectations, and we can take it from there!

This blog is meant to be a place where anyone can come to find new product reviews, or just some great articles on the industry. It is also here to show you all what we at Creative Kitchen and Bath are working on! So, my hope is that everyone who visits our site can find something that interest them! I’ll be happy to answer any questions or tell you a little more about us! If you are in the market for some remodeling please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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